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Ship Cemetery (Muynak) Aral Sea

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The ship cemetery on the shores of the Aral Sea, an unusual place, is now a landmark in the desert region. Where the cemetery is located, there was once a seashore, water splashed here and the depth of the sea was over 15 meters. Now it's a desert area, you can meet wild camels here, and you definitely won't meet many people here, only if by chance, any locals. The ship cemetery is located near the city of Muynak. The places are suitable for lovers of jeep travel and desert lovers.

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The Ship Cemetery is located in the Kyzylorda region on the territory of Kazakhstan near the city of Muynak, a desert region of the Aral Sea.
GPS coordinates 43°46′N 59°02′E


The cemetery of ships on the Aral Sea did not appear by chance, it happened due to the drying up of the Aral Sea. The sea began to slowly recede due to improper water consumption and improper water intake from rivers for irrigating fields on the territory of Uzbekistan. This environmental disaster contributed to the emergence of the cemetery, the water left very quickly, in connection with this, the ships did not have time to overtake to other places on the sea, and they eventually ran aground. Now the cemetery is very popular among travelers. In the summer, people travel here in jeeps and admire the extraordinary sight. Skeletons of ships lie in different places along the sea, a road leads to the ships. We recommend traveling here by 4x4 off-road jeeps, in these places there is a lot of sand and sand dunes, so it is easy to get stuck in the sand. We recommend traveling here with a minimum of two vehicles for mutual assistance.

Cemetery of ships on the Aral Sea (Kyzylorda region)


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