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Karateren (Kyzylorda region)

Tour to the Aral Sea and Karateren village

Guest house in the village of Karateren

Karateren village in the Aral district of the Kyzylorda region, the center of the Karateren rural district. The village is famous for its location next to the Aral Sea. There is a guest house in the village where you can stay if you are traveling to the Aral Sea. The village is not big, but very picturesque, located in a desert area, the people who live here breed camels and go fishing.

How to get there, visit

The village of Karateren is located 227 km southwest of the city of Aralsk, Kyzylorda region.
GPS coordinates: 45°58′11″N 61°01′16″E


In the village of Karateren for a long time there was no good drinking water, now fresh drinking water is imported from the city of Aralsk, and water supply is also carried out. The locals are very kind and hospitable. If you are traveling in the Aral Sea region, you will definitely visit this village. Our company has a guest house here, where our friends live, when we organize a trip to the Aral Sea, we stay with them and spend time with a Kazakh family. The family goes fishing in the Aral Sea and breeds camels.

Karateren village near the Aral Sea


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