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Akespe (Kyzylorda region)

Villages along the tour route near the Aral Sea

Jeep in the morning to the village of Akespe and the Aral Sea

Akespe is a village in the Aral region, located in a desert area and surrounded by dunes and dunes. We will meet the village traveling to the Aral Sea and Butakov Bay. The village is located on one of the roads that leads to the sea. The places here are not crowded, it's quite hot here in summer, it's not so easy to travel here, so be prepared for harsh conditions. Traveling in this area is possible only by 4x4 jeeps of high cross-country. We do not recommend traveling alone in one car here, at least two cars for mutual assistance and safety.

How to get there, visit

The village of Akespe is located in the Kyzylorda region, the Aral district, Butakov Bay, the Aral Sea. GPS coordinates: 46°47'01"N 60°30'18"E


There are not many residents in the village of Akespe, only 200 people, 100 men and 100 women. It is possible to stay in a local guest house in the village, ask the locals to find it. The village is also known for the fact that in the area of the village in 1925, the oldest Oligocene burial site was discovered – the "Aral fossil fauna", the age of the fossil animals found here, according to the calculations of researchers, is 26 million years old, fossils of mole, rodents, predatory, ungulates, land turtles were discovered here.

Akespe village, Aral district, Kyzylorda region


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