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The Mosque of Zhakuda-ishan

Architectural sights of Ulytau region

Mosques of Kazakhstan, Zhakuda-ishan mosque

Zhakuda-ishana is an ancient mosque in the Ulytau region, only the walls and the minaret have been preserved from the mosque, the mosque is located in the picturesque steppe of Ulytau, the Terisbutak River flows nearby. The mosque was built in the XIX century by a man whose name was Zhakud. Straw and burnt bricks were used as building materials of the mosque, its construction consists of a high minaret and three rooms.

How to get there, visit

The mosque of Zhakuda-ishan is located in Ulytau district (Ulytau), Ulytau region, 12 kilometers from the village of Korgasyn, Akzhar mountains, west of Karaganda region. GPS coordinates: N49°12'44" E66°26'58"


The mosque of Zhakuda-ishan is surrounded by the most beautiful Kazakh steppe, it is incredibly beautiful and quiet here. There was also a madrasah in the mosque, where classes of worship were held. "Ishan" means the leader of the Sufi community, and the ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad's family. The minaret has been preserved in the mosque, there is a staircase inside the minaret that you can climb up, the roof of the mosque has not been preserved, the mosque has been restored several times.

The mosque of Zhakuda-ishan in the Karaganda region


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