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Double drooping tulip (Tulipa Binutans)

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Double-hanging tulip (Tulipa binutans) is one of the types of tulip growing in Kazakhstan. The tulip is beautiful, white, beige flowers (cream shade), stem height 10-15 cm. The species distribution area is located in Kazakhstan, includes almost the entire northern region of the republic, in the east, including the Altai Mountains, extends from the Aral Sea region and in the south. In addition, it is found in the Volga-Don regions of Russia and in the south of Western Siberia.

How to see -

Tulip Double-drooping, endemic, found in sandy and clay soils of the Almaty region and in the foothills of the Tien Shan in Kazakhstan, the flower is also found in the foothills of the Kyrgyz Range. Tulip can be found in the steppe, saline places. grows on pebbly and clayey hillsides. It occurs in the Tobol-Esil, Irtysh, Kokshetau, Turgai, Karkaralinsk, Zaisan, Aral, Kyzylorda floristic zones, the western and eastern slopes of the Altai Mountains.

Description -

The double-drooping tulip is a very beautiful sight, distinguished by the variegated color of the flower, ranging from snow-white to pinkish-pale blue. Propagated by seeds, very rarely vegetatively. Grows well in many botanical gardens. The first flowering period is very short, seedlings in the city of Almaty bloom in the seventh year. Its population in nature is declining due to gathering and plowing. Single populations are protected in the Naurzum and West Altai reserves, as well as in the Karkaralinsky and Bayanaulsky national parks.

Double-drooping tulip in Kazakhstan


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