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Bieberstein 's Tulip

Photo tour for Bieberstein tulips in Kazakhstan -

Biberstein tulips in Kazakhstan -

Bieberstein's Tulip (Tulipa Biebersteiniána, Tulipa Quercetorum)-also known as the Oakwood Tulip, the most beautiful tulip, grows on the territory of Kazakhstan, a rare perennial plant of the lily family. It is distributed in Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, and the Caucasus. It grows in the steppes, less often on the slopes of mountains. The species is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

How to find, view -

The Bieberstein tulip can be observed on the territory of Kazakhstan, on the slopes of mountains in hilly places and foothill steppe. Blooms in April-May.

Description, information -

The Bieberstein tulip is widespread in Kazakhstan. It grows in the lowlands of steppe, meadow steppes, on forest areas and edges. In general, it is found on the hills in the localities of Tobol–Yesil, Aktobe, Torgai, Mugalzhar, Batys. Height 15-30 cm, bulb ovoid, thickness 1-2 cm, thin-skinned, dark brown, with thick pubescent bark on the upper and lower sides of the inner side. The stem is bare, the number of leaves is 2-3.

Bieberstein's tulip in Almaty and Zhambyl regions


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