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Tulip Zinaida

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Tulip Zinaida (Tulipa Zenaidae) - bright red, bright yellow, the most beautiful type of tulip, often red-yellow combined color, grows on the territory of Kazakhstan, and more precisely in the Merke mountain gorge. For the first time, this type of tulip was described in 1935 by the botanist A.I. Vvedensky. The tulip is named after Zinaida Petrovna Bochantseva, a woman who dedicated her life to the study of Central Asian tulips.

How to see, find -

Tulip Zinaida grows on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Zhambyl region in the Merke gorge. This species is also found on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, on the Kyrgyz mountain range. Blossoms from mid-April to mid-May, bears fruit in June - July.

Information -

Tulip Zinaida, stem up to 15 - 30 cm tall, bare, flexible. Leaves 3, they are slightly bluish, at the beginning of flowering very close together, later - spaced, shorter than the flower. The lower leaf is oblong, up to 3-4 cm wide, the upper one is lanceolate. The flower is broadly cup-shaped, up to 5-6 cm tall, of contrasting bright color. The outer tepals along the back are red with a narrow yellow edging, the inside is bright yellow, the inner ones are yellow on both sides. The bottom of the flower is in the form of a small black hexagonal spot.

Tulip Zinaida in Merke gorge, Zhambyl region


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