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Tulip Kolbintsev

New types of tulips in Kazakhstan -

Excursion for Kolbintsev's tulip -

Kolbintsev's tulip (Tulipa Kolbintsevii) - a new type of tulip, was discovered by Vladimir Kolbintsev, a well-known Kazakh researcher and botanist from the city of Taraz. In a team with another well-known explorer and traveler Alexander Petrov and a group of biologists from Almaty, the tulip was first discovered and discovered in 2008 during a scientific expedition for new types of tulips that grow only in Kazakhstan.

How to see, find -

Kolbintsev's tulip was found in the Dzungarian Alatau and the Mashat mountain gorge, Zhambyl region, 30 km from the city of Shymkent (Chimkent).

Information, history -

Tulips of Kazakhstan, including Kolbintsev's endemic tulip, grow only on the territory of the republic in its different parts, both in the mountains and in the desert steppe area. Presumably, the age of tulips is 30 million years, that is, during this time, tulips bloom every year on the territory of present-day Kazakhstan. Now becoming a popular tourism for the wild tulips of Kazakhstan, this is considered a botanical tour in which you watch tulips bloom in different parts of Kazakhstan. Our company provides a full range of services for the provision of this type of eco-tourism.

Tulip Kolbintsev in Kazakhstan


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