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Emdy Mountains

Mountain ranges of the Mangyshlak Peninsula -

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The Emdy Mountains (Emdi)-a mountain range stretches to the southeast on the Mangyshlak peninsula, the highest mountain Emdykorgan (the predominant height) is one of the landmarks, its height is 290 meters, which is high enough for this region. The Beskempir desert mountain valley is located around, in the central and western part of the same dolitna has a different name - Dalapa.

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The Emdy Mountains are located in the central part of the Mangyshlak peninsula, in the northern part from the Karataushyk Mountains, in the eastern part from the Kaushe Mountains, south of the Koshak Bay in the Mangystau district, Mangystau region.
GPS coordinates: N44°23'41" E51°24'01"

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The Emdy Mountains are located next to the Caspian Sea, and the famous Valley of Balls (stone concretions) is also located in this area. The next highest mountain in the Emdi Mountains is Mount Akzhol, 277.5 meters above sea level, located in the eastern part of the mountains. The northwestern border of the mountains is a long ravine and a drying Kumakapa stream, the mouth of which is located in the northeastern part of Sarytash Bay. The surface of the Emda mountains has the appearance of a wavy plateau 3 - 9 kilometers wide with extant peaks in some places. The plateau is cut by numerous ravines-sayas, which have steep, sometimes steep slopes. The relief of the mountains is very complex, there are several rows of low ridges with steep southern and gentle northern slopes up to 20 meters or more in height.

Emdy Mountains on Mangyshlak


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