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Karly Tau Peak

Climbing Karly Tau Peak -

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Karly Tau Peak-height 5450 meters above sea level, located in the mountainous region of the Central Tien Shan, Khan-Tengri peak area (7010 m.), is the place where mountain ascents to Marble Wall peak (6400 m.) Karly Tau peak is located between the peak of Kazakhstan with a height of 5769 meters above sea level in the south-the west and the peak of the Plateau with a height of 5850 meters above sea level in the southeast, which is located in the Meridional Ridge. The difficulty category of classic routes to Karly Tau Peak is estimated at 4B, 5B.

How to get there, visit -

Karly-Tau Peak is located in Kazakhstan, Almaty region, Sarydzhas ridge, Raimbesky district, the upper reaches of the Bayankol gorge, the area of the Marble Wall base camp.
GPS coordinates: N42°17'07" E80°14'45"

Information -

The distance from Karly Tau Peak to Kazakhstan peak is 1.2 kilometers, to the Plateau peak is 1.9 kilometers. The bridges between the peaks of Kazakhstan and Karla Tau are inaccessible due to ice discharges, the northeastern ridges leading from the peaks to the bridges are also complex icefalls. Along the northern slope of the Saryjaz ridge from Karly Tau Peak, the East Bayankol glacier with a length of 6.4 kilometers descends. The tongue of the Vostochny Bayankol glacier ends at an altitude of 3571 meters above sea level, from here the sources of the Sarykoinou River begin. A 2.5-kilometer-long glacier descends from Karla Tau Peak to the south and southeast. For about 400 meters, the dome of the peak stretches to the southeast and gradually descends the slope. Then the glacier becomes broken and in its lower part, at an altitude of 4697 meters above sea level, it connects with the glacier flowing down the southern slope from the peak of Kazakhstan.

History -

In 1931, V. Gusev's group ascended to the top of Karly Tau from the side of the Northern Inylchek glacier. The national team of the Kazakh Republican Council of the DSO "Spartak" in the period from August 14 to August 22, 1965 made a traverse of the peaks: Bayankol with a height of 5791 meters above sea level - the peak of Kazakhstan with a height of 5669 meters above sea level, Karla Tau peak with a height of 5550 meters above sea level and Marble Wall peak with a height of 6140 meters above sea level declared for the USSR championship in the class of traverses. Traverse participants: V. Savin, B. Studenin, G. Petrashko, G. Sverdlina, M. Akimenkov, B, Burambayev, I. Damianidi, G. Fedotov, G. Kireev. D, Ermilova.

Karly Tau Peak Almaty region, Raimbek district


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