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Saryzhaz village

Excursion to the village of Saryzhaz -

Villages of Almaty region, Raimbek district -

Saryzhaz is a picturesque village, surrounded by the mountains of the Almaty region, in a beautiful foothill valley. The village is picturesque, there is one guest house where you can stay and a small hotel. From the village you can see the nearby mountains, even in summer you can observe snow on their peaks. The village is not large, it has a population of 4,000 people. The village is located on the route to various attractions of the Raimbek district.

How to get there, visit -

The village of Saryzhaz is located in the Almaty region, Raimbek district, 49 km northwest of the village of Narynkol, the center of Saryzhaz rural district.
GPS coordinates: 42°54'48"N 79°36'23"E

Information, history -

In the village of Saryzhaz there are many buildings from the times of the Soviet Union, these buildings are interesting, they remind us of the times of Soviet power, now such buildings are not being erected.
The village was the center of the Kalinin collective farm in 1953-1996. On its basis, peasant farms, a road department, an electric grid distribution center, etc. have been created. A monument to Rayymbek Batyr was erected on the territory of the district in 1996, there are also wooden pine houses built in 1890 and ancient burial mounds.

Saryzhaz is a village in Almaty region


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