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Boralday Gorge

Natural attractions of the Turkestan region -

Jeep tour to Boraldai Gorge, Boraldai River -

Boralday is a picturesque mountain gorge, the most beautiful mountain gorge of the Turkestan region. The Boralday River flows through the gorge, there is a small beautiful waterfall in the upper reaches of the river, which is also called Boralday Waterfall. In spring, the famous Kazakh wild tulips of various species bloom in the gorge. A special tourist route leads up the gorge, you will need to ford the river several times, overcome the river by swimming, overcome rocky obstacles on foot.

How to get there, visit -

Boralday Gorge is located in the Turkestan region, 1 hour drive from the city of Shymkent, Baydibek district, Bolshaya Tura Mountain, Syrdarya-Turkestan Park, not reaching the village of Terekty, beyond the village of Boralday.

Information -

Boralday Gorge is very popular among residents of Shymkent. The journey from the city will take you only one hour. To get to the Boralday Waterfall, you will need to walk upstream of the Boraldai River. In summer, you can swim in the river, but for this you need to choose quiet places where there is no strong current. Safety precautions must be observed on the river. The Boralday River originates in the Karatau Mountains. There is a famous rock arch in the gorge, where you can take a beautiful photo. To climb up the gorge, you need to use the services of a mountain guide, a guide who knows the route well. To get into the gorge at the checkpoint, you need to pay 500 tenge per person. At the upper waterfalls, you can jump into the water, but for this you need to observe safety precautions not to dive into the waterfall upside down, and be sure to use the services of a guide who can guide you there, because the route is not easy, and the guide will also show the place from where they jump into the water, along the waterfall.

Boralday petroglyphs (Petroglyphs of the Borolday Gorge) -

There are ancient rock carvings (petroglyphs) along the Boralday River. Petroglyphs belong to the Bronze Age, researchers subsidize these images two thousand years BC. Here you can find images of wolves, mountain goats, images of hunters with bows. To find petroglyphs, it is best to use the services of a guide who knows where they are and will immediately show you so as not to go and look for them. The Boraldai petroglyphs are represented by two groups, the first of which is located near the Boralday River, the second group is located higher up the gorge.

Boralday Gorge, Boralday River in Turkestan region


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