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Balasagun settlement (Aktobe) VI-XIII centuries

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Balasagun (Aktobe) is a medieval city dating from the VI - XIII centuries, our era. It is a major trade and craft city on the Great Silk Road, as well as the cultural center of the region. The city consists of three parts: Bekinis, Shahristan and Rabad. This complex is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is also an object of culture and history of the Kazakh people and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Aktobe was first discovered in 1894 by archaeologist V. V. Bartold. The first excavations were carried out here in 1941, by G. I. Patsevich. Since 1974, it has been studied by the archaeological expedition of KAZGUU.

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Aktobe settlement (Balasagun) is located in Zhambvl region, Shu district, Kazakhstan, 3 kilometers from the village of Aktobe, on the bank of the Aksu River.
GPS coordinates: N43°13'44" E74°03'01"

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Aktobe-consists of a fortress, rabada, and the central part, where the royal palace is located. The city is surrounded by 2-3 rows of defensive embankments and a moat. The town was founded in the 6th century. The Tsar's Palace is located in the center of the structure, the whole complex is located on a natural hill 7-8 meters high. The palace consists of 20 rooms, the walls and floor are lined with baked ceramic tiles. During the excavations of the second part of Aktobe, more than 3 thousand copper coins and jewelry of the Karakhan era (10-12 centuries) were discovered. As a result of the excavations, it was found that water from the Aksu River is diverted through a special channel, and water from the reservoir enters the city through ceramic pipes. The pipes are made of baked clay with a length of 50-60 cm, a diameter of 10-20 cm, which is convenient for connecting with each other. Ditches have been dug along the streets to maintain cleanliness. To the east of the Central Palace is the fortress “Tortkul”, the location of the military contingent. Excavations in Aktobe show the development of urban culture and civilization in the Shu-Talas regions in the 10-12 centuries. According to scientists, Aktobe may be the site of the city of Balasagun, which existed in the Middle Ages.

Balasagun settlement (Aktobe) in Zhambyl region


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