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Zhaysan Sanctuary

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Zhaysan is an ancient sanctuary (sacred, sacred place), monuments of the sacred zone (VI-XIII centuries). The sanctuary consists of stone menhirs (steles) installed on the north-western slopes of the Kindyk-tas ridge in a hilly area. There are also low small mounds laid with stones in the center of which there are large elongated main stones. The places here are very beautiful, the nature of the region is incredible, small hills resembling waves of the earth are spread out around. The place is sacred and a place of pilgrimage. We advise you to travel here in the first half of summer, in spring, at this time flowers bloom here and become very beautiful.

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The sanctuary of Zhaysan is located in Zhambyl region, Shu district, Kindyk-Tas Mountains, Kazakhstan.

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The sacred complex of Zhaysan is a complex of Turkic cult memorials. Here you will see stone statues with people's faces, small hills, mounds, stone mounds, stone fences. Also in the area you will see rock carvings, to see them you need to use the services of a guide who knows the area well. The whole complex is visually oriented to the cardinal directions. The first studies of the complex were conducted here in 2001, it was established that this place served as a worship of the spirits of deified ancestors and the rituals of sacrifice to them and the supreme deities of the Turkic pantheon. The places of concentration of rock carvings served to conduct rituals and rituals related to the calendar cycle and socially significant events.

Zhaysan sanctuary in Zhambyl region, Kindyk-tas Mountains


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