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Merke Hillfort

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Merke is an ancient settlement, one of the ancient settlements of the Zhambyl region, the settlement is dated to the VIII century. The settlement is small, the main rear, where excavations and research were carried out, is a rectangle and a small hillock, the remains of towers have also been preserved. In the southeastern part, the remains of the citadel and part of the wall, which has been preserved in the form of a small earthen rampart, have been preserved.

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The ancient settlement of Merke is located in the Zhambyl region, Merken district, Kazakhstan.

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During the study of the ancient settlement of Merke, the remains of ceramics were found, research was carried out here already in our time, three cultural layers were discovered that were dated to the 7th - 8th centuries, 9th - 10th centuries, 11th - 12th centuries. The settlement was plundered and destroyed in the XII century during the invasion of the Mongols. The remains of 2 towers have been preserved, the citadel, which is a rectangular platform, has been partially preserved, and the remains of buildings in the form of small earthen mounds have also been preserved. The ancient settlement is under the protection of the state of Kazakhstan, in the future it may be possible to reconstruct and restore the object here.

The ancient city of Merke in the Zhambyl region


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