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Berkarinsky mounds (Berkara)

Ancient burial mounds of Zhambyl region -

Excursion to the Berkarinsky Mounds -

Berkarinsky mounds (Berkara)-the largest monument of the era of the "Saks" has 500 mounds with a height of 1 to 7 meters. The mounds belong to the Bronze and Early Iron Ages. The mounds are located in a picturesque area of the Zhambyl region and are surrounded by low mountains. It is very beautiful here in spring and early summer, the area is filled with flowers and spring colors, here you can take beautiful photos and have a great time traveling through the ancient monuments of Kazakhstan.

How to get there, visit -

Berkarinsky mounds are located in Zhambyl region, Zhualy district, Kazakhstan, near the city of Taraz.

Information -

The barrows of Berkara are very ancient, researchers have established that they belong to the times of the II century BC, and the IV century AD. Here you will find not only mounds, but also fences lined with small stones, or some protective structures resembling them. Also, this place is considered sacred, pilgrims come here to honor the memory of their ancestors and read a prayer. Also, this kurgan complex is very popular among tourists, because it is located in a beautiful place. Inviting you to the barrows of Berkara, to get acquainted with the life of our ancestors and the places where they lived in ancient times and arranged their homes and ancient monuments.

Berkarinsky mounds in Zhambyl region


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