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The settlement of Ohkhum

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Okhkhum is an ancient city of Kazakhstan dating back to the period of VI-XII centuries, located in the Muyunkum desert in a deserted area. The settlement was explored in 1894 by Soviet archaeologists and researchers. The settlement is a regular square, with the first row of the wall and the second, in the center there is a citadel, there was also a water moat around the settlement, the water for which was taken from the Talas River, which flows nearby. The structure is oriented to the cardinal directions.

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The settlement of Okhkhum is located in the Zhambyl region, Bayzak district on the banks of the Talas River, 22 kilometers from the village of Bostandyk.
GPS coordinates: N43°27'01" E71°21'59"

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The settlement of Okhkhum is a military structure, watchtowers were installed along the perimeter of the outer walls, the city was surrounded by a moat with water. Also, ordinary people lived around the city, who cultivated fields and engaged in agriculture. There is not much information about this structure, in 200 years partial excavations and research were also carried out here under the guidance of Kazakh archaeologists, ceramics (ceramic material) were found on the site. The settlement of Okhkhum is also considered a sacred place and is a spiritual shrine of Kazakhstan.

The settlement of Okhkhum in Zhambyl region


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