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Ornek city (settlement)

Ancient cities of Zhambyl region and Kazakhstan -

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Ornek is an ancient city (VIII-XII centuries), originally appeared as a trading settlement, then turned into a beautiful prosperous city, thanks to its favorable geographical location on the Great Silk Road. The city was founded in the VIII century at the foot of the mountains of the Kyrgyz Alatau, on the banks of the Altynsu River, originally the city had the name Kulshub. The nature of the region is extremely beautiful, the city lies at the foot of the mountains on a hilly plain.

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The city of Ornek is located in Zhambyl region on the banks of the Altynsu River in the foothills of the Kyrgyz Alatau, Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 42°53.6480'N, 72°8.8668'E

Information, history -

The first inhabitants of Ornek (Kulshub) professed Zoroastrianism and Tengrianism, but in the IX-X centuries Islam already prevailed in the city, which confirms the discovered remains of a mosque and a Muslim mausoleum. The city developed rapidly due to international trade along the Great Silk Road. The total area of the city was 1000 hectares, the central part of the city is oriented to the cardinal directions. 31 towers were located at the corners and perimeter of the citadel, from which small mounds remained, as well as there were three reservoirs in the city in which water was stored for irrigation and household needs. During excavations and research in the city, a mosque was found, which dates back to the X-XII centuries, the remains of a mausoleum were also found, which was oriented to the cardinal directions, the remains of a pottery workshop, ceramics, the remains of jugs, cups were found. In 2014, the Ornek settlement was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Ornek settlement (Kulshub) in Zhambyl region


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