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Kokpar in Kazakhstan

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Kokpar is one of the national equestrian games in Kazakhstan. The game consists of horse racing, with the transfer of a goat carcass by one of the riders to a control point, figuratively a gate. The weight of a goat carcass can range from 30 to 50 kg, the number of participants is unlimited, one of the teams may have more participants than the other. The game is very interesting and dynamic, as well as this game is traumatic, participants ride horses, and try to take the goat carcass from the participant who possesses it, the team helps the rider with the goat carcass and covers him from the opposing team. Everything goes very fast at rapid speeds, lashadi for the game are selected special, game fighting horses that are not afraid and fight with each other as well as their riders.

Kokpar forms strength, endurance, courage and dexterity, perseverance in riding in children. In addition, kokpar is a sport that checks how the horse is tuned and trained to run. In Kazakhstan, in 1949, new rules of the Kokparsky competitions were approved. In accordance with this, it is established that Kokparsky competitions will be held on a special platform, of a team nature. And since 1958, kokpar-baiga has been held at venues (racetracks). The size of the site depends on the number of participants. If each team consists of 5 people, the length will be 300 m, width – 100 m, 10 people – 500x200 m, 15 people – 700x300 m, 20 people-1000x500 m. Red flags are posted at each corner of the site, and a circle with a diameter of 10 m (“otau”) is drawn on both sides of it. A cockpit is placed in the center of the platform in the center of a circle with a diameter of 6 m.

In the classic version of the game, each player plays with each player. The winner receives the grand prize. In a team game, the role of all participants is strictly distributed. They have forwards, defenders, team captain. Goat carcass, which is traditionally used in the game for a reason, goat skin is very durable and does not tear during the game when it is subjected to various loads. In modern versions of the game, a carcass model can be used, and not the goat itself. Riders are fighting for the carcass, horses are also of great importance in this game. They are specially selected and trained specifically for the game. A good horse, can push an opponent, bite another horse, strike, push other horses, etc. According to the rules of kokpar, only stallions participate in the game.


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