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Altynbakan is an ancient Kazakh national game. It is played on holidays, toys, various Kazakh events. The game is played in the evening, on a moonlit night, this structure is installed outside the village. To build an Altybakan, you will need 7 strong wooden poles, a long board and strong ropes. The structure for the game resembles a swing, several people can swing on it at once. The size of the swing can be different, there are quite large instances on which up to 6 people can swing at the same time.

The Altybakan game was widespread among the ancient nomadic peoples. This structure is placed in villages for entertainment and spending time with children. In the common people, Altynbakan is called a swing. Altynbakan is a household item that is quickly assembled and quickly installed. The game is intended for the general public. Adapts young people to the choice of a partner, dexterity, ingenuity, artistry. Altybakan's scenes have also taken a worthy place in the theatrical art in terms of demonstrating the national peculiarities of the life of the people, decorating the stage.


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