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Elik-Sai Ski Resort

Elik-Sai is located in the vicinity of Almaty, not far from "Almatau", behind the village of Beskaynar. The peculiarity of this base is its "sharpness" for fans of freeriding - skating on unprepared routes, for the so-called puhlyaku. Most of the tracks here refer to the "black" and is suitable only for experienced skiers and snowboarders. Slope slope reaches 40, and in places even 50 degrees. Ratrak (transport for the preparation of ski runs) simply can not travel on such a slope. Fans of freeride and experienced skiers appreciate this base for a variety of trails, interesting and steep gradients, as well as for a large amount of snow.


The base is equipped with four tow-type lifts. For many fans of skiing, accustomed to more comfortable cable cars, this type of lift is unusual, but the staff of the base helps beginners in their rapid development. The length of the first of the lifts is 350 meters. The length of the first and the most simple route is 450 meters. Slope here is not so steep. The length of the second ascent is 600 meters. From here only experienced skiers and snowboarders can descend, because the slope here reaches 50 degrees. The third and fourth lifts lead to the very top of the slope. These tracks are the most difficult, and the snow on them is almost not rolled.

Catering and accommodation

On the territory of the base there is a small hotel in the form of a ship. The hotel has 5-6-bed rooms. The price of accommodation is 2 500 tenge per day. There is no restaurant on the territory of "Elik-Sai", but on the weekends barbecues are cooked here. You can have a snack for about 500 tenge.


From Almaty to the ski resort "Elik-Sai" you can drive along the Talgar road, turning behind the roundabout of the village of Besagash on the asphalt road that goes up. Pass through the village Beskaynar (Mountain Gardener) and further up, above the eco-post (barrier), past the sanatorium "Tau-Samal". It is necessary to drive through the gates of the "Almatau" base along a direct road. To get to the base "Elik-Sai" is possible only on an off-road car. It is easy to get to the village of Beskainar by taxi from the Green Bazaar for 300 tenge. The taxi will cost more to the "Almaty" base. From the gate "Almatau" to "Elik-Say" can be reached on foot.

In addition to the ski base, there is a balloon track. The cost of riding on it is 100 tenge. Also on the base there is a sauna (1 000 tenge per visit).

Working hours: from 10:00 to 17:00
The cost of ascent to the slope: one-time lift - 100 tenge. Daily subscription - 2 500 tenge
Rent of skis: 2 500 tenge per day
Snowboard rental: no

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