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Kures (Kazakh wrestling)

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Kazaksha Kures is a traditional Kazakh martial art, a sport similar to wrestling. It is believed that this martial art existed in the 2nd century BC. It is proved that in Central Kazakhstan, namely in the Karatau mountains and the Zhetysu region, rock carvings with images of this sport were found, and telling about the competitions held in the Bronze Age and in the middle of the second century BC.

In his performance, Kazaksha Kures uses leg strength and grips, the athlete focuses on the shoulders of the opponent, then it is necessary to throw or make a cut, the meaning of the fight is to put the opponent on his back. It is not allowed to lean on the knee in this fight according to the rules, the passage to the legs is also prohibited. Not only men, but also women are engaged in this sport. In Kazaksha Kures, throws with footrests, throws with sweeps, throws with a pick-up, throws with a tilt, throws with a spin, throws with a hook, throws with a deflection, etc. are carried out.


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