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Kyz Kuu, Kyz Kuumai

Tours with participation in the national games of the Kazakh people -

Kazakh National Games -

Kyz Kuu is one of the sports games on horseback, with the participation of young guys and girls held during the holidays. In translation, Kyz Kuu translates as "catch up with the girl" "chasing the girl". The essence of the game is for the guy to catch up with the girl, both are riding horses, according to the rules, the girl can beat the guy with a whip if she caught up with him according to the rules of the game and she does not like him and. Both lovers, children and young people can play this game freely. It is also a culture of riding and physical education, the ability to stay in the saddle and ride a horse. This game is a kind of love novel of Kazakh youth.

Kyz Kuumai belongs to the group of national equestrian games held in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to holidays, this game used to be played at weddings. The main goal of the game is to strengthen the boys' pride, improve their riding skills and abilities, and raise a good horse. Strong guys train horses well, sit horses very well, stay in the saddle and even without a saddle.

Rules -

For the Kyz Kuu game, a flat, soft soil, an open field at a distance of 300 meters and a width of 30-40 meters is chosen. At the beginning of the competition, a red flag is placed on one side of the field, which means finish. The competitions will be held individually. If young people are divided into two groups, then according to the rules of the game, the number of girls and boys should be equal. The game usually starts with a young man on horseback waiting at the starting line. A young girl, also on horseback, starts jumping 10 meters behind him, when the girl passes by the young man, he can start chasing. The race between them continues to the finish line at some distance. If a young man can catch up with a girl before she gets to the finish line, it is considered that the young man won. If the man did not catch up with the girl to the finish line, she turns around and chases the man to the start line. If she catches up with the young man, she can whip him, which means victory for her.


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