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Arcan Tartu (game Tug of war)

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Tug of war (Arkan tartu) is one of the national games of the Kazakh people. To play this game, you first need to prepare a strong rope that will not break when pulled by five or six players or more on each team side. The game teaches to develop the strength of the participants in the game, breathe fresh air and work.

The game of Tug of War can be played in the summer on the lawn, in the winter on the snow, in the gym. To play, you will need a thick rope (rope) about 10 meters long. The participants of the game are divided into two equal groups. Their number can be 10-12 people, the players line up according to their height. Then, at the command of the game leader, two groups compete. The goal of the players is to drag the two opposing teams over the center line on the court. Whichever side of the two groups pulls the opposing group away from the center line first wins. The game forms the unity of movement and educates in collective action.


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