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Kazakh games on horseback -

How to watch the Kazakh National Games -

Audaryspak is a Kazakh national sport that requires great dexterity, strength, endurance and courage from an athlete. In this game, two riders are trying to throw each other off a horse, I use different techniques, horses also fight with each other, so horses for these competitions are selected and brought up by athletes specifically. Only athletes who are well-versed in equestrian combat and have thorough training can get into the Audarispak in the discipline. For athletes with insufficient training and little experience, it is very difficult and traumatic. Therefore, in the current order, only those who have turned 18 and who have special training are allowed to compete.

Participants in Audaryspak are divided into three weight categories. The purpose of introducing the weight category into the competition is to create more equal conditions for participants. The division into this category has been formed recently. Even these three categories in sports competitions are often still not respected. The game will be won by the most agile, strong, and the one who can throw the opponent off the horse. The horse is also of great importance in this competition, the horse understands what he needs to do and participates in the competition with the same passion as his rider.

Audaryspak is a competition of riders. This game involves guys with great strength, brave and hardy, who can move quickly and play riding horses with horse ears. This game, dating back to ancient times, has formed the qualities necessary for a warrior who holds spears and cuts with a sword during battle. Currently, at the holidays of the Turkic peoples (nomads), this sport acts as a form of play. The game begins and ends with the whistle of the senior referee. The fight lasts five minutes.


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