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Shokpar Mountains (tract, Shokpar River)

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Shokpar-mountains and the most beautiful tract of the Zhambyl region, as well as the Shokpar river is located here. The places are little-known, there is not much information on the Internet about this place. The Shokpar Mountains are located in the Shokpar tract of the same name and the Shokpar mountain valley. A mountain road runs through the mountains along the river, along which you can climb to the upper reaches of the tract. The places here are deserted, when we were here we didn't meet anyone. The nature of the Shokpar mountains is incredibly beautiful, here you can retire, stay away from civilization, set up a tent camp, have a great rest and spend time.

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Shokpar Mountains are located in Zhambyl region, Kurday district, Shokpar village district, Kindyktas Mountains district, south of Alaigyr station.
GPS coordinates: 48°59'13"N 74°45'47"E

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The Shokpar Mountains are famous for the fact that there are ancient Shokpar petroglyphs (rock carvings) in these mountains. Rocks with petroglyphs were found 3 kilometers west of the entrance to the tract from the side of the Sartai Valley. Rock carvings are carved on small rock blocks on both banks of the river. Most of them are concentrated on the left southern bank in a small gorge. The prevailing heights here are not large and range from 1000 to 1300 meters above sea level. The terrain consists of low hills, small rock formations.

Shokpar Mountains in Zhambyl region


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