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Shardara Reservoir

Recreation and fishing on the Shardarinsky reservoir -

A trip to the Shardara reservoir from Almaty -

Shardara reservoir (kaz. Shardara) is a dam reservoir on the territory of the Turkestan region in Kazakhstan, extending also to the territory of Uzbekistan. The dam to fill the reservoir with water was built in 1966. The Shardarinskaya hydroelectric power station is located on the dam, the energy of which is used for energy and water flow regulation. There are boats on the reservoir on which you can walk around the reservoir, sports fishing is also developed here (caught released), pike, carp, pike perch are found in the lake.

How to get there, visit -

The Shardara reservoir is located in the Turkestan region on the Syrdarya River, in Kazakhstan. Part of the reservoir is also located on the territory of the neighboring state of Uzbekistan.
GPS coordinates: N41°12'01" E67°59'54"

Information -

The Shardara reservoir is quite large, it is the third largest in Kazakhstan and the world, its area is 900 km2., length is 70 km, width is maximum 20 km. The average depth is 6.5 m . The reservoir on the Syrdarya River behind the Chardara hydroelectric dam was filled in 1965-68. The reservoir was built in order to improve the water supply of irrigated areas and eliminate floods in the lower reaches of the Syr Darya, as well as irrigation of new areas. The conditions of navigation along the Syr Darya have also improved and the production of electricity at the Farchad and Kayrakkum HPPs has increased. The excess water in the dam supplies water to Aydarkul Lake. There is a well-developed fishery here such fish as carp, pike perch, pike are found).

Shardara reservoir in Turkestan region


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