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Ak-Bulak Ski Resort

Ak-Bulak ski resort located in a picturesque gorge near Talgar, differ in their complexity levels. In general, the resort is great for a family holiday. Skiing or snowboarding can be mastered even by beginners, and for experienced backcountry lovers who prefer freeriding, there are very extreme slopes. Skiers-freeriders constantly master new unequipped tracks here. The upper point of the slopes is 2,664 meters.

There are three main slopes of the resort. The longest one is Talgar-1, 2.5 kilometers long. The upper part of the tracks is classified as "red" (medium difficulty) and more suitable for more experienced skiers. The lower part, 700 meters long, refers to the "green" and is available for beginners. Slope Talgar-2 - from the category of "black". The slope of the trails here reaches 55 degrees. Part of the descent passes in a wooded area, between majestic spruce trees, it was chosen by freeriders. Slope of the ski school "Ak-Bulak", a length of only 250 meters, suitable for people who have first risen on skis, and small children.


The resort has four operating and one under construction lift. The most comfortable cable-gondola-1 leads to the top of the main slope. Cable-chairlift-2 will bring lovers of extreme skating to the "black" tracks of "Ak-Bulak". The chair-chairlift-3, 800 meters long, delivers winter recreation lovers to the lower part of the main slope of the resort. The rope-drag line-4 leads to the slope of the ski school. At the moment, the construction of the fifth lift, leading to the slope for freeriders, is coming to an end.

Catering and accommodation

In the hotel on the territory of the resort there are double rooms of standard class, junior suite and suite. All rooms have a TV and a fridge. The cost of the rooms is from 26 000 to 36 000 tenge per day. The price includes breakfast, swimming pool with sauna, gym. In addition, the hotel has a bar, bowling and billiards. East of the hotel is an economy class hotel. The price of accommodation in it is 9 000 tenge for a bed-place. The price includes breakfast.

The resort has a restaurant "Ak-Bulak" with 200 seats. In its menu there are dishes of Russian, European, Italian, Japanese cuisines. The average bill for dinner in the restaurant is 3 000 tenge per person.


To get to "Ak-Bulak" it is possible on the Talgar or Kuldzhinskoy route. Having passed the city of Talgar, it is necessary to turn along the road going upwards, towards the village of Ryskulov. Passage from Sayahat to Talgar costs 200 tenge. For a fee, you can negotiate with the driver and get to the "Ak-Bulak". The price of an official taxi can reach up to KZT2,500.

rum ski runs and the hotel, in the "Ak-Bulak" there is an ice rink. The cost of skiing is 1 000 tenge, and another 1 000 tenge is the rental of skates. Horseback riding is also available in winter. The cost of the walk is 4 000 tenge per hour.

Working hours: from 10:00 to 17:00. Night skating from 19:00 to 22:00

The cost of climbing the slope: To use the lifts, you need to purchase an electronic card with a microchip for 1,500 tenge. The cost of a single lift, depending on the type of lift: weekday - from 300 to 500 tenge, the weekend - from 600 to 1,000 tenge. The cost of a daily subscription depending on the time of the beginning of the skiing: weekday - from 2 000 to 3 500 tenge, on the weekend - from 4 000 to 7 000 tenge. Subscription for night skiing (from 19:00 to 22:00) - 3 500 tenge

Rental of ski equipment: from 5 000 tenge per day

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