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Shammat Ishan Mosque

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Shammat Ishan-Mosque Museum in the city of Karnak, the mosque was built in the XVIII century in 1789, the mosque was and remains the center of literacy and religious knowledge. The mosque is named after Shamet Ishan, who was its founder, the mosque was fully completed only in 1896. Now a museum has been made in the mosque, which has 1.5 thousand exhibits of the Middle Ages, here you can see various weapons, spears, arrows, vases, various ceramic products, jewelry, etc. are also displayed here.

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The Shammat-Ishan Mosque is located in the Turkestan region, the village of Kentau, the city of Karnak.

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The Shammat-Ishan Mosque consists of 29 rooms, the total area of the complex is 320 sq. m. meters, the mosque surrounds the courtyard. Education at the madrasah continued until 1917, in 1982 the building became unattended, in 2009 the mosque building was completely renovated, major repairs were made, and the mosque found a new life. Now there is a museum in the mosque where you can see various kinds of ancient antiques telling about the life of the region. Namaz is held in the mosque, it is always fashionable to come here and say a prayer, the mosque is open during the day, you can also visit the mosque museum here.

Shammat Ishan Mosque in Turkestan region


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