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Koshkar-Ata Mausoleum (Shymkent)

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Koshkar-Ata is a mausoleum, an ancient monument, an architectural landmark, a place of pilgrimage. Koshkar-Ata was a Sufi and a disciple of Ahmed Yasawi, studied his works, was a respected and famous man. The mausoleum was built on the Koshkarata River. The mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage, you can always meet people here, some people that Koshkar-Ata was a holy man.

How to get there, see -

The mausoleum of Koshkar-Ata is located in the Turkestan region, the city of Shymkent, the bank of the Koshkarata River.
GPS coordinates: N42°17'55" E69°36'29"

Koshkar-Ata biography -

Koshkar-Ata is a Sufi, a disciple of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi. A number of objects in modern Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries are named in his honor. There is very little information about the life of Koshkar-Ata. It is known that he came from Turkmen tribes, was considered a sage and a connoisseur of the Koran and Hadith. Koshar-Ata is revered as a saint by the people, legends describe him as having miraculous abilities. In particular, it is claimed that the Sufi understood the language of animals. According to one version, Koshkar-Ata died in Shymkent (now Shymkent) and was buried at the source of the river flowing through the city, which is now called Koshkarata. According to another version, the Sufi died from the heat while traveling with a caravan on the Ustyurt plateau.

Koshkar-Ata Mausoleum Turkestan region Shymkent city


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