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Shomanay Mountains (mountain range)

Jeep tour to the Shomanay mountains, Airakty-Shomanay tract -

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The Shomanay mountain range, also known as the Shomanai Mountains, is one of the attractions of the Mangyshlak Peninsula in Manistau. The mountains are hills in a desert area, the highest mountain in the Shomanai Mountains is a mountain that has no name, and its height is 365 meters above the level, such heights are not small for this region, so mountain ranges of such heights look quite impressive here. This mountain range is located on the tourist route and is easily accessible by jeep.

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The Shomanay mountain range is located 5 kilometers from the Ktairakty mountain range, 3 kilometers from the Northern Aktau Mountain range, in the Mangistau region, Mangistau district, Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: N44°13'23" E52°13'28"

Information -

The Shomanai Mountains are famous for their location and their wild nature. This region is very suitable for those who like to travel through deserts; here you will not find crowds of tourists and vacationers. Traveling in this region is quite extreme; in summer it can be very hot. In spring, the Sogdian tulip blooms in the Shomanai mountains and on the plain; it is especially beautiful here in the spring, when nature blooms here. In summer, especially in July, it is very hot here; the region is popular in the spring at the beginning of summer and in September, when it is not so hot. This region was studied in ancient times by the explorer and traveler, artist and poet T.G. Shevchenko in 1851. Near the Shomanai tract there are the famous spherical nodules (large round stones), and there is also the Akmyshtau mountain range and Mount Shomanai.

Shomanay Mountains (mountain range) in Mangistau region


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