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Kaskasu (Gavrilovka) Church of All Saints

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The Church of All Saints in the village of Kaskasu, one of the unusual architectural monuments of Kazakhstan, the church building is one-story, incredibly beautiful, made of baked brick. The church building was built from about 1880 to 1915. The building is listed as a historical monument protected by the state. At the moment, the church building is very dilapidated and has fallen into disrepair. According to the decision of the local authorities, the church building will be completely restored, restored and a museum will be made in the church.

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The Church of All Saints is located in the village of Kaskasu, Turkestan region, Tolebiysky district.

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There is little information about the church in the village of Kaskasu, the architect and the exact time of construction are not known. The building is incredibly beautiful, it is clear that the building was built for centuries, the building is one-story. The architectural style of the building is called "eclecticism", this style was used in the construction of buildings at the end of the XIX century. Also, this style is known as Russian church architecture. In the Turkestan region, several church buildings have survived to the present day, built in the same style. For a long time, the church building has fallen into disrepair, but the local authorities are doing everything to preserve this architectural object for future generations in its original form. The church building was built of burnt brick, in those days such buildings were built so strongly that these buildings can stand for an eternity.

Church of All Saints in Kaskasu village, Turkestan region


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