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Karakoz Mausoleum

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Karakoz is an ancient mausoleum, dating according to researchers from the XIII-XV centuries, the exact date of construction is not known. The mausoleum is a small rectangular building, possibly restored in later years, there is also no information about it. The mausoleum is a sacred place and a place of pilgrimage on the Mangyshlak peninsula. If you believe the dating and the building looked like this in its original form, it should be concluded that the preservation of the building is surprising, to stand for so many years and not be exposed to the external effects of wind at all, in the summer by intense heat, and in winter by severe frost.

How to get there, visit -

The Karakoz Mausoleum (necropolis) is located in Mangystau region, Mangyshlak peninsula, near the shore of the Caspian Sea, 72 meters from the Karakoz water well, 19 kilometers from the city of Fort Shevchenko.
GPS coordinates: N44°27'36" E50°35'38"

Information -

The Karakoz necropolis is located next to another famous mausoleum of Hanga Baba, the necropolis building is built of local easily processed rock. Everything suggests that this is a woman's grave. There are a lot of inscriptions of different periods on the mausoleum building, there are even inscriptions from 1873. The roof of the mausoleum in ancient times was decorated with a dome, which eventually collapsed and was completely lost. The necropolis-mausoleum of Karakoz is located in a desert area, you can only get here by 4x4 jeeps from Aktau, it is best to travel around the region in at least two jeeps for mutual assistance and safety, if suddenly something happens to one of the cars and it breaks down.

The legend of Karakoz -

One bai had a beautiful marriageable daughter. Many rich suitors wanted his daughter's hand in marriage. Matchmakers one after another replaced each other at the Baysky house. But the girl's heart belonged to a guy from a simple poor family. My father opposed this marriage. And the young had no choice but to organize an escape. After learning about the escape, the relatives of the Karakoz equipped a chase.
Soon the young fugitives were caught up. As punishment for the theft, they tied the guy to the tail of a zealous stallion and let the horse run free. For a long time the horse walked across the steppe, dragging the body of a young man bleeding. Bloodstains covered the ground in those places. Mulberry trees with blood-black berries grew there after a while. After learning about the death of her lover, Karakoz threw herself off a cliff and died. Like tears of inconsolable grief, a spring flows in the place of the death of Karagez - clean, quiet. In memory of his daughter, his father built a mausoleum on a hill.

There is another legend about a girl of unprecedented beauty named Ayim. For the beauty of her charming black eyes, she was nicknamed Karakoz - Black-Eyed. People say that it was one of the first beauties of the village, located not far from the gorge. Apparently, people envied her - an incurable disease overcame her. In inconsolable grief, her father raised a mulberry tree. Every morning my father watered the tree, but this did not prevent the premature death of the beautiful Karakoz. And today, trees branch in this area, rustle their leaves, telling the murmuring spring water about the beauty of the Karakoz.

Necropolis mausoleum of Karakoz on Mangyshlak, Mangystau region -


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