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Akespe tract on Mangyshlak

Jeep tour in Akespe tract on Mangystau -

Journey from Aktau to Karazhambas via Akespe tract -

Akespe is a chalk tract on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The tract is very beautiful, composed of the oldest chalk deposits of white color. When the sun is bright, chalk reflects the sun's rays, which makes the tract seem even whiter than it actually is, we recommend wearing sunglasses here. It becomes especially beautiful in the Akespe tract at sunset, at this time the tract turns from white to red.

How to get there, visit -

The Akespe tract is located on the Mangyshlak Peninsula, 9 kilometers from the Koshak Bay, and 120 kilometers from the city of Aktau, Mangystau region, Kazakhstan.

Information -

Akespe tract is also known as Akespe Canyon and is a snow-white chalk low mountain of bizarre formations. Here you can see the shapes of fantastic animals, dragons and dinosaurs. The tract is famous for its snow-white beauty and the fact that here you can find the teeth of ancient sharks, fossilized bones of ancient mammals and fish. Also, a country road passes through the tract, along which you can get to the Karazhambas, Kalamkas and Northern Buzachi deposits. The canyon, Akespe tract is 13 kilometers long, the tract consists of Cretaceous deposits.

Tract, Akespe canyon in Mangyshlak peninsula, Mangystau region


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