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Doly Apa Necropolis

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Doly Apa is an ancient necropolis, mausoleum of the 12th-19th centuries, on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The place is sacred and a place of pilgrimage. The necropolis arose on the site of an ancient human settlement; here you can also see ancient rock paintings; during restoration, the images were inserted into the walls of the mausoleum. The images are made using the contour carving technique. Doly Apa is a female name; the mausoleum is located in the tract of the same name, which is also called Doly Apa. The places here are very beautiful, especially in spring.

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The Doly Apa necropolis is located in the Karakiyansky district, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44°22'12"N 51°25'36"E

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Doly Apa was the name of a local girl, the daughter of a batyr and the warrior of Kosbarmak, the girl was famous for her extraordinary beauty, fearlessness and belligerence. According to legend, Dola Apa died in one of the battles, and this is how the mausoleum built on Mangyshlak appeared. The Dola Apa Mausoleum has many ancient koitas and sagantams, this is the name of the buildings that were discovered here, these are the so-called burials. The mausoleum was restored in our time, the mausoleum building is very beautiful, restored using modern technologies.

Mausoleum necropolis Doly Apa on Mangyshlak, Mangystau region


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