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Yesen Ata Necropolis

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Yesen Ata is an ancient necropolis of the XIII-XIV century, a sacred place of Mangystau, a place of pilgrimage with sacred significance. Yesen Ata is a historical figure, according to the confessions he was a holy man, professed Islam, he was also the son of the famous Sufi Shopan Ata. 6 kilometers from the necropolis is the underground mosque of Yesen Ata. The necropolis of Yesen Ata is included in the list of state monuments of history and culture, is included in the list of sacred objects of the Mangystau region.

How to get there, visit -

Yesen Ata necropolis is located in Mangistau region, Mangistau district, 5 kilometers from the village of Beki.
GPS coordinates: N43°50'22.14" E52°2'53.37"

Information -

The necropolis of Yesen Ata was explored in 2004, the necropolis was also restored, a wall was built around the necropolis. A pile of stones remained from the former building of the necropolis, which could not be completely restored, so the building was fenced off, a special plaque was installed indicating the place of the Yesen Ata necropolis and an inscription with dating. At the entrance to the necropolis there is a special place for prayers, here pilgrims recite a prayer and perform sacred actions. Mangystau region is famous for its holy places, which almost all have their own necropolises. Pilgrimage tourism is also developing in the Mangystau region, there are a large number of underground mosques in the region, which can all be visited on this tour.

Yesen Ata Necropolis in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan


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