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Kalipan Necropolis

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Kalipan is a necropolis, a holy place, a place of pilgrimage on the Mangyshlak peninsula. The Kalipan necropolis, like many other necropolises on the peninsula, was built during the X-XIX century, it is surrounded by the endless steppe of the peninsula, it is very beautiful at dawn and at sunset. The necropolis is a complex of monuments, which are divided into Turkmen and Kazakh monuments. Turkmen monuments consist of two mausoleums, one of which is destroyed, the Kazakh part is the most beautiful and well-preserved, decorated with ornaments and carvings.

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The Kalipan Necropolis is located 28 kilometers from the city of Aktau in the Mangistau region, Tupkaragan district, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Kazakhstan
GPS coordinates: 43°43.8"N 51°09.0"E

Information -

The Kalipan necropolis was first explored in 1978 by a scientific expedition led by A.Itenov. In 2018, the Kalipan necropolis was included in the list of objects of sacred significance in Kazakhstan and became protected by the state. There is a special place on the necropolis for reading prayers and performing rituals. All the monuments are made of local sandstone, there are images of mosques on the monuments, which emphasizes their ritual and cult character. It is best to travel to the Kalipan necropolis from the city of Aktau, the city is located in the immediate vicinity, as well as all trips to the Mangyshlak peninsula and Mangystau region begin from Aktau.

Necropolis, Kalipan Mausoleum on Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan


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