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Shili Necropolis

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Shili-necropolis, dated to the XIX century., is a complex of ancient graves, consists of mausoleums, monuments, saganatams, koytas, stell-kulpytas and stone sarcophagi. The place is sacred, sacred, a place of pilgrimage on the Mangyshlak peninsula. Necropolis-Shili is not big if it is compared with other necropolises, it means that it is not as ancient as other necropolises. The necropolis is surrounded by the most beautiful steppe of the Mangystau region, a country road leads to the necropolis. On the necropolis you can relax, say a prayer, stay with our ancient departed ancestors and honor their memory.

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Necropolis-Shili is located in Mangystau region, Mangyshlak peninsula, 70 km north of the village of Sayotes, Kazakhstan.

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Necropolis Shili is similar to all other necropolises, but it is not large, this is due to the fact that the necropolis is not so old and dates from the 19th century. The necropolis is a sacred place, here you can meet pilgrims who have chosen the Mangyshlak peninsula and travel here to ancient holy places, make a pilgrimage. There are quite ancient structures on the necropolis, so the official dating may not be accurate. The necropolis is surrounded by the boundless steppe of the Mangyshlak peninsula and Mangystau region. There is no infrastructure for recreation here, so traveling around the region is carried out in a completely autonomous journey, we carry with us all the necessary equipment for setting up a base camp and overnight, tents, sleeping bag, field kitchen, etc.

Necropolis Shili in Mangystau region, Mangyshlak


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