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Shilikty mounds

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Shilikty is an ancient burial mounds, necropolis, V-VI centuries., this object is located in the Zaisan district, there are about 100 explored mounds. There is a wide plain with a length of 80 kilometers and a width of 30 kilometers surrounded by the Tarbagatai mountains in the south, Sauyr-Saikan in the east and Mangyrak in the north. The coastal conditions of the Shilikta plain are very favorable for human life. The steppes, where summers are cool without flies, winters are snowless and warm, have been widely inhabited by herding tribes since the Bronze Age. The heyday of the ancient culture in the Shilikta steppe coincides with the 1st millennium BC. At that time, the Shilikta steppes were inhabited by Saka tribes. There are more than two hundred monuments of the Saka-Usun epoch in the Shilikta steppe and the Shilikta mounds are included in this list.

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The Shilikty mound is located 100 kilometers from Lake Zaisan in the East Kazakhstan region, Zaisan district, Kazakhstan.

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The Shilikta mounds were investigated by the hydraulic engineer G. N. Bokiy. In 1909-1910, from the city of Semipalatinsk, he also explored the burial grounds of Chagan, located in the eastern part of the Shiliktin steppe. In 1949, 1959, 1961 and 1962, Professor S. S. Chernikov conducted excavations in the Shilikta burial grounds. In total, he excavated and examined 13 burials. Since 2003, this region has been studied by Professor Toleubaev A. T. To date, researchers at the Institute of Archaeology named after A. H. Margulan have completely excavated and investigated mounds No. 1,2,3,4 of the Shilikty mound. 4303 gold objects were found in the mounds. Of these, 153 copies in the form of a mask, 36 copies in the form of an eagle-Samruk, 20 copies in the form of a deer, 39 copies in the form of a wolf (bear), one box in the form of Argali. Also found 23 pieces in the form of bells, etc.

Shilikty mounds in East Kazakhstan region, Zaisan district


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