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Mazar Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu (mausoleum)

Excursion to the mausoleum of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu -

Historical monuments of East Kazakhstan -

Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu-mausoleum (mazar), X-XI century., the oldest architectural monument, is a domed, pyramidal, conical structure, 11 meters high. The mausoleum is a sacred, sacred place, a place of pilgrimage, you can always meet pilgrims here. The mausoleum is surrounded by the most beautiful steppe of the Abad region, it is very beautiful and quiet here. In the mausoleum, you can relax, read a prayer, often stop for the night within the mausoleum and spend the night here. According to some data described below, the mausoleum was much higher, about 20 meters, then it became lower, it may have collapsed due to an earthquake, according to other data, the mausoleum was fired from a cannon during one of the wars that took place on the territory of present-day Kazakhstan.

How to get there, visit -

The mausoleum of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu is located in the Abai region on the right bank of the Ayaguz River, near the village of Tansyk, Ayagoz district, Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: N47°17'33" E79°42'19"

Information -

The Mazar of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu has the shape of a quadrangular horseshoe (the area on the outside is 7.10x7.10 m, on the inside is 3.38x3.38 m), pointed upwards and domed braid. The height is 11.65 m, the height from the floor to the dome is 4.35 meters. The wall is made of straw mixed clay made of granite stone, the entrance door is 1.86 meters thick facing east. The southeastern wall has an opening measuring 0.7 x 0.5 m (at a height of 2.3 m from the wall).

Legends of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu -

There were once four stone statues near the mausoleum. The first image of them was made in 1771. The stone statues depict three women and one man. According to folk legend, the first of the three women is Bayan Sulu, the second is sister Aigyz, the third is sister Aitansyk and an unknown man. Unfortunately, now these stone statues have disappeared. Inside the country, legend has it that the tomb of the Goat Korpesh – Bayan Sulu and the stone statues next to it were created by Sarybai's younger brother, Tailak bi.

History -

In 1768-1774, during the second research trip of the Russian Empire to the Kazakh steppes, H. Bardanes wrote that a stone building named Kozy Korpesh was preserved along the Ayagoz. In 1840-1843, during the study of historical monuments of Central Kazakhstan, A. I. Shrenk provided data on the mausoleum. In 1856 Chokan Ualikhanov made on paper an image of stone statues located around the mausoleum. In 1915, in a letter from the famous local historian A. N.Beloslyudov to G. N. Potanin, who "researched the epic of the Goat Korpesh - Bayan Sulu," finds the following lines: "...Twice visited the grave of Korpesh-Bayan Sulu Goat. According to my late brother (Viktor Nikolaevich), the statues were taken to Germany. Beloslyudov suggested that the grave had decreased from a height of 18 meters to 11-12 meters. The archaeological expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR under the leadership of Alkey Khakanovich Margulan in 1952 investigated this structure. In 1982, mazar was included in the list of monuments of historical and cultural significance of the Kazakh SSR and taken under state protection.

Mausoleum of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu in Abai region


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