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Enlik-Kebek Mausoleum

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Enlik-Kebek – mausoleum, monument, also known as the Tower of Love, is an obelisk, a pyramidal structure, a square structure with four columns is installed at the base of the obelisk. The height of the mausoleum is 6 meters. The monument was erected at the site of the death of a man and a woman, whose names were Enlik and Kibek, who loved each other, but were convicted by the court of Kazakh biys in 1780. The reason for the death of two young people was that the lovers were from two warring clans.

How to get there, visit -

The mausoleum of Enlik-Kebeh is located in the Abai region near the village of Karaul, Abai district, East Kazakhstan. The distance from the city of Samey to the mausoleum is 128 kilometers.
GPS coordinates: N49°20'35" E79°50'19"

Information -

The mausoleum of Enlik-Kebek is a sacred, sacred place, a place of pilgrimage. The monument was also chosen by the newlyweds, lovers come here, it is believed that a visit to the mausoleum brings prosperity and happiness. In 1960, the mausoleum was reconstructed, and since 1917, the drama-tragedy Enlik-Kebek about two lovers has been staged in the theaters of Kazakhstan. Near the mausoleum there is a Kurmanbai hotel where you can stay, as well as in the village of Karaul there are guest houses and cafes where you can eat.

The mausoleum of Enlik-Kebek in the Abai region


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