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Nauryzbai Batyr Mausoleum

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The mausoleum of Nauryzbai Batyr is a square building, 15 meters high, crowned with a blue dome located at an altitude of 868 meters above sea level in a beautiful foothill area. The date of construction of the mausoleum is 2003, a memorial stone is installed next to the mausoleum. The mausoleum was erected in honor of the Kazakh warrior, liberator Nauryzbai Batyr. Nauryzbai was a warrior, commander, military commander and liberator of the Kazakh land from the Dzungarian invaders.

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The mausoleum of Nauryzbai Batyr is located in Almaty region, on the border with Zhambyl region on Mount Bas Batyr, 27 kilometers from Mount Suyktobe and kilometers from the village of Degeres on the Almaty-Bishkek highway. GPS coordinates: 43°17'1"N 75°47'18"E

Nauryzbai Batyr -

Shapyrashti Nauryzbai Kuttimbetuly (XVIII centuries, 1708-1781) is one of the legendary brave heroes, an outstanding hero of the national liberation war of the Kazakh country against the Dzungars in the XVIII century. Kuttimbetuly Nauryzbai was born in 1706 in Zhetysu district, on the slopes of Alatau. The liberation of his native country and homeland from the enemy, prompted him to become a hero.
Nauryzbai-batyr became popular around 1727-1731. At that time, the Kazakh wars dealt a heavy blow to the Dzungarian invaders several times in a row and eventually won a great victory. Nauryzbai Batyr commanded the troops.

Mausoleum of Nauryzbai Batyr in Almaty region, Kazakhstan


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