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Duzen Mausoleum

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Duzen Mausoleum, a ritual monument of the XIX century, is a rectangular building built of red brick. The building was erected in 1863-66 on the grave of the people's master Serala Elamanovich Duzen Sandybaevich. The building resembles the dome of Alash Khan 25 kilometers away. Most of the mausoleums of the Ulytau region are similar to each other and many of them are built of red burnt brick.

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The Duzen Mausoleum is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region, 30 kilometers from the village of Malshybai. GPS coordinates: N48°28'57" E67°38'08"

History -

Duzen Mausoleum is a complex domed cubic structure. The vaulted dome of the building is topped with a decagonal ring. And the outer size of the base is 8. 5x10.2 m, the inner size is 5. 4x5. 4 m., the size of the brick (26x26x6 cm) are bonded with mortar. The total height of the building is 10 m. On the main facade there is a doorway (1.70x0. 77 m) with a frontal cavity. Its territory is surrounded by a three-lane frame. The strip in the middle is finished with a brick made of square carved tiles. And the walls of the remaining 3 facades are braided with stone masonry of a "rhombic" shape. There is a 60 cm high ledge along the high edges of the facades . The square ones are decorated with an octagonal star. In the inner corner on the southwest side of the building there is a staircase leading to the ceiling.

Duzen Mausoleum in Ulytau region


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