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Zheltau petroglyphs (rock art)

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Zheltau-ancient petroglyphs or rock carvings, which are located in the low mountains of Zeltau. Here you can find images of horses, mountain goats, roe deer, wolves, deer and camels. The technique by which petroglyphs are depicted is called the technique of spot knocking, this is when the artist hits a stone with a pointed object, for example, a sharp stone of a harder rock with a primitive hammer, perhaps a stone was also used instead of a hammer. Petroglyphs of Zheltau have great cultural value of the people of Kazakhstan, petroglyphs are depicted in most of the territory of Kazakhstan in different places where ancient tribes lived and roamed.

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Zheltau petroglyphs are located in the Karaganda region, Aktogay district, 650 meters from the winter quarters of Zheltau on the left bank of the Tokyrauyn River and 3 km from the village of Begazy.

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The petroglyphs of Zheltau (rock carvings) number approximately 130 images, all images are applied to 20 stone slabs. The images represent the life of nomads, the attitude of nomads to animals. There are a lot of horses depicted here, since horses were of great importance in the ancient world, nomads used horses as a means of transportation. The most ancient images from the Zheltau petroglyphs are images of a lizard next to a mountain goat. There are also images of horsemen riding horses with a battle bow, there are images of ritual dances and ritual sacrifices. Ancient tribes sacrificed mainly domestic animals such as sheep, less often horses. The ancient nomads also worshipped the moon, the sun, the wind, and natural phenomena, so among the petroglyphs of Zheltau there are anthropomorphic images of the sun in the role of deities, known as the sun-the head deity.

Zheltau petroglyphs in the Karaganda region


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