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Shashubai Mausoleum

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Excursion to the mausoleum of Shashubai in the Karaganda region -

The mausoleum of Shashubai is dedicated to the Kazakh musician and composer Shashubai Koshkarbayev. Shashubai Koshkarbayuly is also known as the Kazakh akyn and Honored Worker of the Kazakh SSR. The mausoleum is dated 1859 and is located next to Lake Balkhash. A new mausoleum building has been erected on the site, which surrounds an ancient building made in the shape of a square, you can enter the building, there is an entrance. Nearby is another ancient mausoleum building, lined with small flat stones.

How to get there, visit -

The mausoleum of Shashubai is located in Aktogay district, Karaganda region in Kazakhstan near the village of Shashubai (Lake), 7 km from the city of Balkhash. GPS coordinates: N46°47'55" E75°01'27"

Information -

The mausoleum of Shashubai is located in a picturesque area of the Karaganda region. Nearby is Lake Balkhash and the village of Shashubai, which was named after the Kazakh musician. The same area applies to the Almaty region, so you can go here on an excursion from the city of Almaty. From the city of Almaty to Lake Balkhash and the village of Shashubai, the distance is 620 kilometers, it is best to go here for at least two days, a one-way trip by car will take you at least 6 hours. You can stay at Lake Balkhash in any sanatorium or in the city of Balkhash in a hotel or guest houses.

Mausoleum of Shashubai in Karaganda region


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