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Edigey stone sculptures (Zhylysay)

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The Edigey stone sculptures-or stone sculptures of Zhylysai, belong to the period of the Turkic khaganate. Stone sculptures of Zhylysai have dimensions of 6x6 meters, 5x5 meters, 2x2 meters, made of granite. The number of stone fences in Zhylysai is eight, each of which had one sculptural statue, three of them were destroyed. Of the five sculptures that have survived to us, 2 represent an elderly man, two represent a young teenager, the last statue, made in a very clumsy way, represents a middle-aged woman.

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Stone statues of Zhylysai (Edigey) are located 5 km from the village of Korgantas in the Karaganda region, Ulytau locality, Ulytau district, Edige mountains. GPS coordinates: N48°29'35" E66°45'45"

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Edigei stone sculptures (Zhylysai), cover two historical epochs around the land of Ulytau. The study of this monument was carried out by the Central Kazakhstan archaeological expedition under the leadership of academician-scientist Alkey Margulan in 1946-1960. Ritual fences and burial mounds are built here in chains from north to south. Monuments of the times of the Turkic Khaganate of the VI-VI centuries, as a rule, are made in a square or rectangular shape from large slabs arranged at an angle. The small ones have an area of 1.8 x 2 meters, the large ones -5.9 x 6 meters. Stone statues facing the sun to the east stand at the eastern base of the stone fences, from which the chain of balbals continues. The smallest chain has a length of five meters, and the largest is two hundred and fifty meters. Monuments belonging to the Kipchak period of the VIII-XIII centuries, some statues were destroyed and damaged. Of the five remaining sculptures, two are better preserved. The height of one of them is 180 cm, width 28 cm, thickness 22 cm, the statue clearly depicts a middle-aged man with a long mustache, large round eyes. Five sculptures 140 cm high and 32 cm wide belong to the Kipchak times.

Edigey stone sculptures (Zhylysay), Karaganda region


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