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Aybas-Darasy Archaeological Complex (Aybas Fortress)

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Aybas is a medieval fortress, belongs to the archaeological complex of Aybas Darasy, as well as the mounds that are located a little to the west along the road belong to the complex. The complex is represented by monuments of different times: a Neolithic site, a burial ground and a settlement of the Bronze Age, mounds of the early Iron Age and the Middle Ages, as well as a late Medieval settlement. For the first time this complex was explored in 1956 by an archaeological expedition led by academician A. H. Margulan.

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Aybas Fortress (Aybas Darasy archaeological complex) is located in the Karaganda region in the Ulytau locality on the bank of the Sarykuz River, central Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: N48°38'47" E66°48'03"
Aybas-Darasy mounds GPS coordinates: N48°38'24.58" E66°45'53.81"

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Research work in the settlement of ancient metallurgists of the Bronze Age at the burial ground of Aybas-Darasy of Ulytau district was continued in 2004 as part of the program "Cultural Heritage" of the Central Kazakhstan Archaeological Expedition of the A. Margulan Institute of Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The most representative monument of the complex is the mound-fence of Aybas Darasy, a square stone structure oriented by angles to the cardinal directions. The length of the outer walls of the fence is on average 11.5 - 11.8 meters, the walls are laid out with masonry in several rows, inside the structure there is a stone box made of vertically placed granite slabs, the length of the walls of the box is from 2.7 to 2.9 meters. The space between the box and the outer walls is divided into radial sectors by partitions, the floor inside the sectors is lined with stone. On the northeast side there is a symbolic passage from the wall to the box. According to the definition of A.H.Margulan, the kurgan-fence belongs to the Begazy-Dandybayev culture and dates back to the Late Bronze Age.

Aybas Fortress (Aybas-Darasy) in Karaganda region



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