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Petroglyphs of Tamdy in the Ulytau area

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Tamdy petroglyphs (rock carvings) are represented by images of snakes, wolves, birds, and there are also images of riders on horses. There are a lot of incomprehensible or barely recognizable archaic images. All images are applied to local rock, rocks that come out of the ground and are located along the Tamdy River on both the left and right banks. All petroglyphs are distributed along this mountain range along a river approximately 1 km long.

The Tamdy petroglyphs were subjected to severe vandalism; the names of people who visited here and decided to record their presence at this object were written on top of the ancient petroglyphs. Vandalism was apparently committed with a screwdriver and a hammer, by tapping one’s name on top of ancient images already applied by our ancient ancestors. The inscriptions do not look beautiful, they are applied ugly and absolutely violate the aesthetics of our ancient ancestors of artists.

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Tamdy petroglyphs are located in the Ulytau region, Ulytau district, 43 km from the village of Ulytau, on the banks of the Tamdy River, Sarytau mountain range. GPS coordinates: N48°57'27" E66°37'05" - N48°57'34" E66°32'06"

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Petroglyphs of Tamdy are located in several places on the rocks of the right and left banks of the Tamdy River north of the Sarytau mountain range, 43 kilometers northwest of the village of Ulytau, 22 kilometers north of the village of Sarlyk, 29 kilometers to the south and slightly west of the village of Korgasyn in Ulytau district of Karaganda region. Single rock paintings and rare multi-figure scenes are painted on red-brown diorite-porphyritic sandstones and are dispersed over a distance of about 1 kilometer. Most of the petroglyphs are concentrated in the middle reaches of the river. Here, on the surface of massive rocks and rocky outcrops destroyed by wind erosion, 18 planes with 130 images were discovered. Among them, the following percentage ratio is observed: horses (24%), camels (13%), mountain goats (4%), bulls (3%), anthropomorphic images (10%). The following were recorded sporadically: a rider on a horse, a snake, a dog, a bird, as well as vague images (14%).


Petroglyphs of Tamdy in the Ulytau region


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