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Khan Horde settlement (ancient city)

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Khan Orda settlement is an ancient city, one of the many ancient cities in the Ulytau region. The city dates from the IX-XI centuries, and is a rectangular structure, from which the foundation and part of the walls have been preserved. The city is surrounded by the most beautiful steppe of Ulytau, in the dream side there is a beautiful view of the boundless Kazakh plain. Not far from the city there are low hills, which are also very beautiful, apparently the place for the city was not chosen by chance.

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Khan Orda settlement is located in Ulytau region, Ulytau district, 17 kilometers from the central part of Ulytau district and the village of Amangeldy, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The city of Khan Orda belongs to the locality of the Ulytau district, which is called Khan Ordasy, this is an area in which ancient cities are concentrated, which in ancient times were inhabited by people. Here were the ancient residences of local rulers-khans, as well as their ancient burials, mausoleums and monuments are concentrated here. The Khan of Ordasy was ruled by such khans as Yesimkhan, Zhoshy Khan, Edyge Khan, Tokhtamys Khan, Abylai Khan and Kenesary Khan. The whole area of Ulytau and the place of Khan Ordasy is considered a sacred, sacred land, a place of worship and pilgrimage. In total, nine medieval hillforts and fortified settlements were discovered and studied here. Now the entire territory of Ulytau is the monuments of nature and history of Ulytau, is under state protection, as well as the national museum of historical, cultural and natural reserve of Ulytau was organized here during the USSR.

Khan-Orda settlement in Ulytau region


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