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Baskamyr settlement (ancient city)

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Baskamyr is a medieval castle-city, in ancient sources the city of Kiyan (Hiyam) is mentioned as the main city of the Oguz. This is one of the most complex architectural monuments among the cities that existed in the Middle Ages in Central Kazakhstan. Historical sources note that almost all medieval cities of Kazakhstan are located in the Ulytau-Zhezkazgan region. They were known as the sites of the Oguz (Guz) tribes in the eighteenth and eighteenth centuries. On the map of Idrisi, the city of Baskamyr stands at the source of the Kengir River (Magra), on the eastern side of the Ulytau mountains. Researchers, archaeologists S. G. Agadzhanov and A. H. Margulan made a great contribution to determining the location of this city in this region.

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The city of Baskamyr is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region, 83 kilometers from the city of Zhezkazgan, 25 kilometers from the village of Zhezdy on the left bank of the Zhezdy River, at the confluence of the Taldysay River. GPS coordinates: N48°12'34" E67°01'15"

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The Baskamyr archaeological complex includes an ancient necropolis, ancient burials, the city itself, there is a stone watchtower, there is also a system of moats that surround the city, well-preserved walls that have been restored. The area of the castle of the city is 90x90 meters, the length of the walls is 80 meters. In the center there is a trapezoidal citadel surrounded by a wall and a moat. The foundation is lined with granite stones, the upper part is built of baked brick. In a part of the city with an area of 310 square meters, the excavations were carried out completely. Seven rooms were opened adjacent to the inner walls of the citadel. The floors are plastered with clay. Inside, next to open hearths with a diameter of 0.5-0.9 meters and a depth of 0.3 meters, there was a kiln made of baked bricks. In the corner of the citadel, the remains of a 2.3-meter-high tower have been preserved. Inside, in addition to fragments of ceramics, a large number of products made of stone, wood and metal (iron, copper, bronze) were found. A special place is occupied by cast copper, iron knives and arrowheads, and other valuable relics.

The medieval town of Baskamyr in the Ulytau region


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